Taxonomic Swap 87271 (הועלה ב 2021-01-06)

As per WoRMS:

The change in epithet is due to the following: Tritonia nilsodhneri was first described (1963) by Tardy as T. odhneri but that name had already been used (1959) for a species from Chile, so Eveline Marcus changed it to Tritonia nilsodhneri (1983). Now Korshunova and Martynov reclassified it in the Duvaucelia genus (as D. nilsodhneri). As Tritonia odhneri and Duvaucelia nilsodhneri belong to different genera, the original specific epithet chosen by Tardy can be recovered, thus the choice of Duvaucelia odhneri.

Consolidated data on the phylogeny an... (ציטוט)
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