Heads up: Some or all of the identifications affected by this split may have been replaced with identifications of Vireo. This happens when we can't automatically assign an identification to one of the output taxa. Review identifications of Vireo olivaceus 17366

Taxonomic Split 57606 (הועלה ב 2020-01-17)

This is a retroactive split - Vireo chivi was added when it should have been split off from Vireo olivaceus. We are now splitting Vireo olivaceus after the fact to sort out existing identifications of Vireo olivaceus that now apply to Vireo chivi

Clements Checklist v2018 (ציטוט)
נוסף על־ידי rjq בתאריך מאי 18, 2019 02:17 אחה"צ | הופעל על־ידי loarie בתאריך ינואר 17, 2020
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Why are we developing a new taxon for Vireo olivaceus?

פורסם על-ידי birdwhisperer לפני יותר מ 2 שנים (סמן)

My understanding is that when taxa are split, it is better to create two new taxa. The new olivaceus sensu strictu is a different taxon concept to the old broader taxon, with a different range and different component subspecies.

פורסם על-ידי rjq לפני יותר מ 2 שנים (סמן)

@rjq this is another situation (similar to https://www.inaturalist.org/taxon_changes/45743) where Vireo olivaceus migrates pretty much down to the southern limit of Vireo chivi. Do we need a retroactive split to deal with identifications of Vireo olivaceus 17366 that should now be considered Vireo chivi or can this be sorted out in the IDing process - doesn't look like there's too many observations of Vireo olivaceus 17366 in the overalp area

פורסם על-ידי loarie לפני יותר מ 2 שנים (סמן)

I think this needs the split, there are 146 South American obs of olivaceus which will need confirming (or leaving as the genus). In general, observers seem more willing to make changes when a split has been made, than when a new ID is made with a comment about a split

פורסם על-ידי rjq לפני יותר מ 2 שנים (סמן)

ok committed

פורסם על-ידי loarie לפני יותר מ 2 שנים (סמן)

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