Taxonomic Swap 36046 (הועלה ב 2018-08-06)

Of the iNaturalist authorities for vascular plants:
-VASCAN accepts Bistorta vivipara
-GoBotany accepts Bistorta vivipara
-not listed in the other authorities

Not a listed authority, but:
-Flora of North America also accepts Bistorta vivipara
-Euro+Med also accepts Bistorta vivipara
-Plants of the World Online also accepts Bistorta vivipara

See previous swap (Bistorta -> Persicaria), which referenced The Plant List.

At the time of this writing, Bistorta vivipara is an inactive species with 3 active descendants and 6 observations. Persicaria vivipara is active with no descendants and 220 observations.

Vascan (ציטוט)
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@tiggrx @jakob any comments/something I'm missing before we commit this?

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Personally I am more used to Persicaria but I think your reasoning is all correct and you should go ahead with the change. Presumbly several other Bistorta sp. will need changing on iNat.

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I approve. :-) At least for North America, it looks like all of our bistorts are now in Bistorta.

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