Taxonomic Swap 13342 (הועלה ב 2017-12-02)

This is part of a set of changes published by Grusz & Windham in 2013, separating the myriopterid ferns from the broadly defined genus Cheilanthes. These changes have been adopted by CalFlora for M. clevelandii, M. cooperae, M. covillei, M. gracilis, M. gracilima, M. intertexta, M. newberryi, M. parryi, M. viscida, and M. wootonii. However, Go Botany has not updated its taxonomy since the publication of Flora Novae-Angliae, and hence has not yet adopted the transfer of Cheilanthes lanosa to M. lanosa.

Weakley's flora (2015) for the southeastern U.S. has adopted M. alabamensis, M. gracilis, M. lanosa, M. microphylla, M. rufa, and M. tomentosa.

Toward a monophyletic Cheilanthes: Th... (ציטוט) | Myriopteris segregation
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