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Olearia colensoi Hook.f. is now merged into Macrolearia as M. colensoi (Hook.f.) Saldivia (Saldivia et al. 2022). Olearia colensoi var. argentea Allan is treated by Saldivia et al. (2022) as part of the natural variation within Macrolearia colensoi thus rendering the autonym redundant.


Saldivia, P.; Wagstaff, S.J.; Breitwieser, I.; Orlovich, D.A.; Lord, J.M. 2022: A Generic Taxonomic Synopsis of the Pleurophyllum Clade (Asteraceae: Astereae: Celmisiinae) with the Recognition of the New Zealand Endemic New Genus Macrolearia. Systematic Botany 47: 607–634

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