12/11/20 Bird survey: Butterfield Reserve

Thanks to Anat for sharing this:
While we are waiting for our volunteering activities at Yellingbo to recommence, a group of volunteers took advantage of the eased restrictions in Melbourne to enjoy a bird and natural habitat survey at Butterfield Reserve in the Dandenongs. Helmeted Honeyeaters were once recorded at the Reserve, and the Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater are working with landholders to create a habitat corridor from here to Yellingbo NCR, along Woori Yallock Creek - an 8km stretch.
The beautiful spring weather allowed for ample opportunity to survey the bird species, counting over 30, with a highlight being a Rose Robin. We also saw and heard a variety of honeyeaters, including New Holland, White-Naped, Yellow-Faced and White-Eared.
Other highlights included a Tubercle Burrowing Crayfish and a Common Bird Orchid.

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