Lilan's 5 Identifications

  1. Brown-Eyed Susans:
    I agreed with Isabelle's identification of Brown-Eyed Susans by using the Inaturalist suggestions. I compared brown-eyed Susans to coneflowers and black-eyed Susans. The flowers suited the Brown-Eyed Susan's properties the best due to its brown almost cone-like center.

  2. Sage:
    I recommended the purple woodland sage (Salvia Nemorosa) because of its colour and leaves. The structure of the plant resembled of that of Salvia Nemorosa.

  3. Dogwoods:
    This one was more complicated because the flowers had not bloomed so I agreed with Annie that it was a Dogwood (Genus Cornus) because of the leaves.

  4. Genus Celosia:
    I agreed with the identification of Genus Celosia because of its lobed leaves and flower structure (small dense spikes).

  5. Morning Glories:
    I agreed with the identification of Morning Glories (Genus Ipomea) because of its funnel/bell-shaped structure and lobed leaves.

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