That's it!

Cameras down! Time to step back and see what we have achieved this weekend!
So far over 1000 species from nearly 5000 observations by nearly 200 observers....
Which is amazing.
Thanks to EVERYONE who took part, whether taking observations, identifying or spreading the word to others. The work doesn't end here - we still need your help in identifying or confirming the identity of many of the observations...if you have any knowledge or expertise for certain taxa, please assist as you are able!
Observations TAKEN in the period can still be uploaded and will be counted. If you can try and do this within the next week, that would be great.
For now - put your feet up and dry off with a cup of tea!
Thanks again everyone, we hope you had as much fun as we did!
Team Bioblitz T&T
(aka Mark, Amy, Stephanie, Linton, Laura, Renoir, Karishma & Ryan)

PS Prizes (courtesy TTFNC) will be announced once we have a better idea of the totals! Also, don't forget you're eligible to receive a Backyard Bioblitz STICKER if you uploaded at least 1 observation! Just fill this out this form:

PPS Our closing remarks and thanks on facebook live:

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