Halfway there!

We've reached the halfway point for Snapshot Cal Coast 2017, and it has been nothing short of AMAZING so far! As of this post, more than 5700 observations of 785 species have been made by 314 people. We're well on our way to surpassing the totals for the 2016 Snapshot.

Right now we have observations as far north as Trinidad in Humboldt County (our most northern observation currently is of a Hopkins' rose nudibranch) and as far south as the Mexico border (the most southern observation currently is of a Heermann's gull).

We also have observations made by divers (like this observation of an amazing string of salps), by tidepoolers (here's an observation of a starburst anemone), beach & dune explorers (a dead Mola mola was found washed up on the beach), people sticking their head under docks to see what's living there (like tube worms), and so many more!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, and we know there are more events planned for later this week and more observations coming in along the coast. We'll add another journal post soon!

Posted on יוני 28, 2017 01:43 לפנה"צ by kestrel kestrel


Impressive array of species!

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