Plants in Canadian Cities: A Journal Post by Devin Walker

In Montreal's popular Jeanne-Mance Park, I have observed an abundance of plants. One such observation represents what I believe to be Taraxacum officinale (or the common dandelion) based on OneZoom's descriptions. Taraxacum officinale resides in the Asteraceae family, Asterales order and Plantae kingdom. As my group's project focuses on plants, all of our observations share the ability to photosynthesize. This common adaptation allows the plants to utilize light to produce energy. However, the Taraxacum officinale species has a rather unique adaptation of a bright yellow flower. This flower, in attracting bees and other pollinators, allows the species to reproduce through pollination.

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Good use of the OneZoom site, bravo. Using keys really helps to get a reviewed identification of your organisms in addition to the proposed identifications. Also good explanation of the observed adaptation, which is a primordial process in biology and plant functioning. Good job :)

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