Pale Jewelweed - Analyzation

Locating the Pale Jewelweed species on the phylogenetic tree was very cool because it seemed as if the species was all the way down at the bottom of the tree. The species is apart of the Impatiens Aurea which is home to a total of only 2 species, stemming from the Impatiens Minor, housing 16 species.

Out of the observations currently listed in the project the one thing they all have in common is that they all have green leaves. Green leaves are seen as an adaptation because of the production of chlorophyll, which helps with photosynthesis.

The Pale Jewelweed is very bright in colour and has an intriguing shape, but it is called the touch-me-not for its unique adaptation to avoid being picked. Although attractive to the eye, if the plant is touched then the seed pops have the ability to explode, which is the plants defence mechanism.

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