Pubescens versus Plumosa

This species pair seems to cause quite a lot of confusion, and in many observations it is not resolved.

On the Peninsula they key as follows:

  1. Petals lanceolate, oblanceolate, ovate or lanceolate-ovate, or consisting of an ellipitic or linear blade and basal claw, never hood-shaped in the upper part. Calyx tube with hairs within: P. pubescens
    1' Petals with upper part hood-shaped; bracts leaf-like, twice as long as the flowers: P. plumosa

So at least on the Peninsula, a quick look at the flowers will sort the issue. But who looks at the flowers?

  • plumosa: moderately branched about 300mm tall;
  • pubescens: moderatel branced, usually up to 1.2m tall;

  • plumosa: branchets with long and short grey or tawny hairs;
  • pubescens: branches with silky grey or buff hairs on the upper parts;

  • plumosa: leaves 10-15mm long, blade linear-lanceolate, base somewhat cordate, margins very strongly revolute, minutely tuberculate, pilose with long buff hairs when young;
  • pubescens: leaves 25-35mm long, blade linear-lanceolate, base rounded, margins revolute - covering half the lower face, minutely tuberculate, pilose above when young;

  • plumosa: flower spikes 20-30mm long, dense, rotund or oblong;
  • pubescens: flowerheads 40-50mm wide, including the bracts, solitary;

  • plumosa: floral bracts leaflike, villous on both faces with grey or buff hairs;
  • pubescens: bracts 20-30mm long, linear lanceolate, with grey of buff hairs;

  • plumosa: flowers 5mm long, with reflexed hairs outside, Petal lobes ovate, hooded, inserted at mouth of tube; May-Aug.
  • pubescens: flowers 5-9mm long, with long ascending grey hairs outside. Petal lobes ovate to lanceolate-ovate, sometimes wanting, inserted in upper half of calyx tube; May-Aug.

On the Peninsula,

  • plumosa: occ. on lower slopes, TM to Constantiaberg - var squarrosa: frequent on lower slopes and flats east side.
  • pubescens: occ. on lower eastern slopes, TM to Constantiaberg

  • plumosa var squarrosa: stems taller and stouter; Flowerheads larger, spherical; flowers 6-8mm long; May-Jul.
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