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Common Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is a Eurasian perennial in the Sunflower family (Asteraceae). Multiple introductions to North America beginning in the 1600s and subsequent genetic crossing have resulted in a range of morphological diversity, especially in leaf form. Outside its native range it is highly invasive, spreading by seed and underground rhizomes and forming monocultures.

How many Common Mugwort can you find by October 31?

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פורסם על-ידי danielatha danielatha, אוקטובר 01, 2020 08:57 אחה"צ


Hi Daniel,

Just today a blogger I follow posted this photo of bright red mugwort buds. I've never seen such a thing before, have I just missed them? Do they actually do this before opening? https://nhgardensolutions.files.wordpress.com/2020/09/8.-mugwort-buds.jpg?w=500&h=365

פורסם על-ידי srall לפני יותר משנה (סמן)

@srall. Interesting. My guess is a fungus or virus. By the position in relation to the styles, those may be deformed stamens.

See here too

פורסם על-ידי danielatha לפני יותר משנה (סמן)

Neat, thank you!

פורסם על-ידי srall לפני יותר משנה (סמן)

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