Photo Safari - 4:30 PM April 17th

Our next Photo Safari at LLELA is this coming Sunday at 4:30pm. We'll be meeting at the Pavilion.

Last Photo Safari we had a good turn-out with many new faces and fist time visitors to LLELA. This next outing should be even better with Spring well under way and the trails starting to dry a bit. The bird migration is on and the Dragonflies and Butterflies are really starting to appear in numbers. it should be a great outing for observations and photographs!

Depending on trail conditions we'll either do the BlackJack Trail with focus on Ebony Jewelwing damselfly or the Bittern Marsh Trail if still passable. A return trip to the Bird Banding area with hike to Bittern Marsh from the East is also a possibility, depending on trail conditions.

If you plan on attending please register online or drop me a message with contact info. We like to call out in the case of hike cancellation.

PS Wear long pants and boots if you have them.

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I hope it's not raining- I think the forecast for this weekend is for rain on Sunday!
On Tuesday there was a small section of the Bittern Marsh that was difficult to get across without getting really muddy. Alex almost lost a shoe. Be prepared for mud.

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Photo Safari cancelled. With rain forecast for Saturday and storms on Sunday afternoon we decided to cancel. Overcast all weekend will prohibit good photography. Planning May's outing now. Stay tuned!

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