June 6th 2017 - iNaturalist LLELA Project featured Lewisville Public Library

Calling all LLELA iNatters: Mike Fox and Jennifer Linde have secured the use of the display case at the Lewisville Public Library for the month of August specifically for the purpose of displaying photographs of LLELA iNat observations! The display case is located near the entrance of the library, and will be a great way to promote iNaturalist and LLELA.
We are now looking for contributions from LLELA’s iNaturalist project. The case is quite large, so we have room for a lot of pictures. We are looking for your best pictures of anything and everything found out at LLELA: plants, snakes, birds, fungi, molds, mammals, turtles, insects- we want to show Lewisville what a broad range of species we have found right in their backyard!
If you choose to contribute a photograph (or two, or more), contact Michael Fox to “reserve” your species (we want to make sure we have a good variety, not 100 pictures of great blue herons) and then you can deliver a hard copy photograph (8 X 10 preferred, but we can work with other sizes) to the LLELA gate house. Please place the photo in an envelope to protect it, and put Michael or Jennifer’s name on it. Include your name and what the picture is of. If you want your photo returned, include your address. If you need to mail it, contact Michael Fox.

We will be taking contributions between now and July 1.

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Michael, I have two pictures already printed. One is of an American White Pelican with a big bass in his mouth and the other is of a bobcat. The Pelican is a 10x10 and the bobcat an 11x17. Denver

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Excellent Denver. I knew we could count on you. The display is HUGE so the more the merrier!

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Let me know what other species you might need...

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The display looks fantastic! @denver , your pic of the bobcat is front and center and looks great! I did not know how to post a picture here, but this is the url of pics of the display in the DFW Urban Wildlife Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/726012804182335/permalink/1320600368056906/

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Thanks Ruthanne! Michael and Jennifer did a GREAT JOB in pulling this together. I can't wait to get over there to see all the photographs...

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The response from the public has been fantastic. Other exciting news is the exhibit will be moving to the brand new LLELA Information Center when time is up at the library. The information center is not open quite yet but look from a grand opening next month.

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