BioBlitz results!

Thanks everyone for joining our annual winter BioBlitz at Kelley Park! We love visiting Kelley Park in the winter, as it's a great place to observe winter life in the middle of San Jose. During our event, we saw California slender salamanders, arboreal salamanders, native snails and slugs, and even slime molds and mushrooms. In fact, we documented 34 species of fungi, on mulch, logs, dead and living trees, and also on some annual plants (rust).
We're always amazed by the high number of species we document in this park - 213 species this year. One of the factors contributing to the high diversity of species is the abundance of native and non-native species. Most grasses and annual plants are non-native, including thistles, stork-bills, and mallows. Non-native animals include European starling, tree squirrels, ants, beetles, and earthworms.

The many native shrubs and trees along the creek corridor, such as oaks, sycamore, and boxelder, attract and support many native insects, that in turn feed birds, lizards, and other parts of the food web.
We hope you had fun, and please join us again!

Posted on מרץ 25, 2023 02:15 לפנה"צ by merav merav


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