Bioblitz - Autumnal Equinox edition

The early morning frosts we have had for the past few days certainly make it feel as if fall is really here. I love the look of the frost on the tall meadow plants. But nature is tougher than a few cold nights and there is plenty of activity still to be recorded.
We are up to 257 species observed with the Plant kingdom in the lead with 109 species and Kingdom Insecta in second place with 68 species.
I hope some of you who are new to iNaturalist have enjoyed submitting your observations and will continue to make contributions once the bioblitz is through. I make at least one submission every time I go for a walk.

The Vermont Center for Ecostudies is looking for Ladybugs -- if you see any in Mobbs make sure you get a photo.....
It's easy to report your sightings to the Vermont Lady Beetle Atlas on iNaturalist. Since at least the 1980s, native Lady Beetles that were once very common across the Northeast have become rare or have even gone missing.

Fourteen of Vermont’s 33 known native species have not been reported since the 1976 checklist was completed. Three of these species were designated as “species of greatest conservation need” in 2015 in New York: Two-spotted Lady Beetle (Adalia bipunctata), Nine-spotted Lady Beetle (Coccinella novemnotata), and Transverse Lady Beetle (C. transversoguttata). And the Nine-spotted Lady Beetle was recently declared “Endangered” in Canada.

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