City Nature Challenge 2017

Hey everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know that City Nature Challenge 2017 is happening, April 14-18! And this year, instead of just the SF Bay Area vs. LA County, it's SF vs. LA vs. 14 other cities across the country!

You can see the full list of participating cities here:

We'd love to have your involvement again this year! Look for a journal post soon you'll be tagged in that will go over strategy for this year's City Nature Challenge - we'll lead some trips for the Bay Area iNatters to join us on, and we have places throughout the Bay Area in which we'd like to make sure someone (or maybe a group of iNatters!) goes and makes observations to help up our species numbers!

Competition is going to be fierce this year with so many cities joining in!

-Alison (@kestrel) & Rebecca (@rebeccafay)

Posted on מרץ 15, 2017 11:13 אחה"צ by kestrel kestrel


National excitement about this! Wonderful! I can't wait to see all the observations flying in. :)

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I'm gearing up and promoting this event among Austinites (and Austin Area-nites?). Last year's event started and ended at noon. Has anyone set the exact parameters of this year's timetable? (If allowed, I'll be up at 12:01 a.m. on the 14th ready to charge out into the darkness! Then no sleep for five days straight!)

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12:01 on April 14 through 11:59 on April 18.

I'm staying up all night too, Chuck. The Californians are fairly dominant on iNat -- Texas will definitely be needing the heavy hitters to play.

Also, remember -- the observations have to be uploaded before April 22 to count -- THAT's when we'll have to stay up all night! ;)

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