Shona Kelly- 5 Identifications to Other iNaturalist Observations

Project: Flowers Across Canada

Marigold- isabellezarazua

  • Using iNaturalists suggestions, and comparing pictures posted in this observation, I recommend that this flower can be identified as a Mexican Marigold.

Cup Plant- taliaschroeder

  • I agree with taliaschroeder's recommended identification for this plant, and suggest that it is a Cup Plant, with the genus silphium.

Hydrangea- isabellezarzua

  • I believe that this observed plant can be identified as a wild hydrangea.

Hylotelephium- taliaschroeder

  • I believe that this plant belongs to the hylotelphium genus, and is more specifically the orpine species.

Roses- sharvaniram

  • I agree that this observed flower has a genus of roses, and suggest that it may more specifically be a Woods' Rose.

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