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Unique Adaptation of Eastern Black Walnut (Juglans Nigra)

Eastern Black Walnut is known for being allelopathic. This means that it excretes chemicals into its environment that harm other plants. Walnuts contain a chemical called hydrojulone in their roots, bark, and leaves. When exposed to the air, this substance is oxidized into juglone, which is biologically active and acts as a respiratory inhibitor in some other plants.

Common Adaptation Across all Observed Species

All of these observed plant species grow on Mount Royal and are thus adapted to Montreal's highly variable climate. They all grow and flower throughout the spring/summer/early fall seasons, and are dormant (or otherwise adapted to the cold) during the snowy winter.

Phylogeny Placement for Black Ash (Fraxinus Nigra)

According to OneZoom Black Ash (in the Fraxinus genus) is one of many species of ash trees in the oleaceae family of woody plants.

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