Shona Kelly Observation Journal Entry

Unique Adaptation of Asclepias syriaca (or the common milkweed)

The Common Milkweed distributes air-borne seeds in the late winter and early fall, and relies on disrupted/newly vacant patches of land, as it struggles to compete with other vegetation. Using its ability to easily disperse seeds, and thriving on newly disrupted land, it has adapted to living in a highly busy and frequently disrupted areas of the park.

The Common Adaptation Across All Observations

Due to the theme and nature of these observations there is no one common adaptation or structural, behavioural or physiological feature that applies to all observations. The commonality between the 10 different species I observed is that they reside on the same mountain, in the same ecosystem, as opposed to a shared feature or adaption.

Phylogeny Placement of Bittersweet Nightshade (Solanum dulcamara)

Using Onezoom I was able to identify the specific species of nightshade that I observed as one of the 1,648 species that descend from the common ancestor of Nightshade. This specific species is the common ancestor to two other species, solanum lyratum and Clokey's nightshade.

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