Last day to get observations uploaded & ID'd!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick reminder that we're pulling "final" numbers at 9 am tomorrow (4/22), so today is your last day to get any observations you made during April 14-18 uploaded, and the last full days to go through and make IDs on everyone's observations!

Right now we're still in the lead for observations, but only by a hair - Dallas is only 100 observations behind us right now! So definitely upload any observations you may still have sitting on your phone or in your camera.

And if you'd like to help increase our species number, here are all the SF Bay CNC observations that could still use IDs.

Thanks for all your energy, time, and enthusiasm you've put toward the City Nature Challenge this year! Look for a journal post tomorrow summarizing the final results.

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Well that leaderboard is a little depressing. Great overall numbers though.

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