City Nature Challenge 2017 - Day 5

What an amazing last day of the City Nature Challenge! Not only did we in the SF Bay Area pass 20,000 observations (double what we made last year!) and stay in the lead, the total CNC passed 100,000 observations!

End of Day 5 SF Bay Area stats: 20,702 observations / 2185 species / 609 people
End of Day 5 Total CNC stats: 108,020 observations / 7844 species / 3890 people

So what's next? Is it over? Not quite! We're giving everyone 3 days to get all their observations made during the CNC window (April 14-18) uploaded and identified. The "final" numbers will be whatever we have as of 9 am on Saturday, April 22! So go ahead and upload any observations you haven't gotten around to posting yet, and HELP MAKE IDENTIFICATIONS! The more observations we get ID'd, the higher our species count.

If you want to help ID but you're new to making identifications, please head to the Getting Started page and click on the "Identifying Observations" tab to learn about how to make the most helpful IDs.

You can see all the observations in the SF Bay Area project that still need IDs here:
And you can help our friends across the country with their IDs here:

Enjoy this selection of photos from Day 5 SF Bay Area observations:

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