LLELA Bio-Blitz

Mark your calendars. LLELA will have it's very first Bio-Blitz this coming April 1st. The event is being presented by the Friends of LLELA group and looks to be an exciting time. Friends of LLELA has worked hard to arrange a large group of Biologists, both Phd and Grad Students, to assist. I've been told there will be experts in ants, worms, fish, all types of plants, small mammals (including bats!), Odonates, Lepidoptera and of course Avians.

I'll be posting more here as the details become available but wanted to get your attention early for that date. Hope to see you all.

Michael Fox

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Michael, Looking forward to participating in your very first BioBlitz at LLELA on April 1st and to learning more about our regional native species and habitat. Thanks LELLA!
Susan Gregory, Blackland Prairies Program WRL

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We look forward to seeing you and sharing what we all love. I also want to learn more of your group. WRL is the heart of Dallas.

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