Florida road trip. Looking for recommendations.

Hello everyone. I'm in the works of planning a Florida road trip from New England for early to mid May with tentative plans to b line with maybe a stop or two along the way to break up the drive. Looking for recommendations on places to stop on the return. Thinking maybe smoky mountains and Appalachians on the way back up north. My last trip consisted of a plan to photograph a 100 species in each state that I traveled through with an aim to photograph a few specific to locality. That trip ended up being limited to about 75 species per state average due to weather in some cases and time. Hoping to fulfill a similar trip. Hoping to spend 3-4 days in Florida. I would like to go through the Everglades so some one mentioned traveling across Florida to Naples. Taxa of particular interest are Gastropods, millipedes, amphibians, insects and then everything else. If anyone wants to meet up along the way or caravan down let me know. I enjoy meeting new people. I will also have a portable moth/bug light set up so if anyone has a recommendation on where to do that as well it would be appreciated.

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As you figure out your trip, I'd be happy to give you recommendations for millipede species to look out for along the way! And if you come through western Virginia maybe we could meet up and do some collecting! There are lots of great state parks and National Forests in the Appalachians, so you won't be wanting for cool places to visit. Highlands, North Carolina has some amazing National Forest spots near it that are great to check out too.

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Tagging some of the top FL observers from iNat: @marykeim @finatic @jaykeller @lorax32 @reallifeecology @gyrrlfalcon @javierahr @anudibranchmom @guerillafarmer99 @jansonjones

Perhaps these folks could give some recommendations of nature-y places. :)

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No one needs to tell you that Florida is gloriously buggy! Alas I'm not a Florida expert, despite flipping logs there a couple of times, so I'll defer to the locals on this one...

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I'ves pent a decent amount of time in Florida but am far from considering myself an expert and the area. It seems that just about everywhere you go there are insects and herps. I suggest taking the 41 across the southern part of the state instead of the 75 because it has more pull-offs on the roadside where you can find critters.

On the way south stop at Merritt Island if possible. It is one of my favorite places in that part of Florida.

I haven't been there since I started using iNaturalist so most of my observations from there are bird focused.

If you take the time to drive down the Keys it is very rewarding and filled with things that you simply won't find elsewhere in the US.

A lot of my time has been in Balm Beach County because of work trips. I haven't done as much as I would like since work comes first. But Grassy Waters Preserve is a neat place and usually worth the time.

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