Recommended UV flashlight?

@aniedes asked me what light I was using for, and I don't know, b/c it was @chyroptera's light! What kind of light were you using, Andrea?

I suspect @damontighe and @tiwane can also recommend good UV flashlights.

Posted on אוקטובר 11, 2022 11:33 אחה"צ by kueda kueda


Hi @kueda -It was a UVBeast Mini 365nm UV Flashlight!
uvBeast V3 365nm MINI Filtered - Black Light UV Flashlight - USB-C - Professional Grade
The important thing is that it's 365nm, which has less purple visible light than most generic UV lights which are usually 395nm and more purple. The brand doesn't matter as much, although I do recommend this particular mini-UV light which I've had for a while--it's held up well and I'm unwittingly hard on my outdoor gear. Battery seems to last well too.

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I use the same light as @chyroptera. I've only had it a few months but I like it quite a bit. Used it for this photo and you can see it in this photo. It attracted a moth!

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Thank you!! Ill go check it out! Bout time i get an actually nice UV light!

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It arrived a couple weeks ago and i love it!! thanks for the recommendation! so far ive just used it on captive inverts but i plan to take it tidepooling this week!

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