Wow! I am loving this new observations page! The ease and power of it's filtering is everything I ever wished for at iNaturalist. Thanks to all the great developers and support and special thanks to Sam Kieschnick for pointing out the cool features.

I've created a few filtered pages to post to Facebook and received lots of 'likes' and 'comments'. I've shared them with groups like 'Birds of Texas', Dragonfly and Damselfly and DFW Urban Wildlife and hope it will prove useful to other Nature Lovers.

Here are the first few from LLELA Observations:

Dragonflies and Damselfies of LLELA -

Perching Birds of LLELA -

Hawks, Eagles and Kites of LLELA -

After two years of Beginning iNat workshops I'm going to try and have a new workshop on Navigating and Mining the data at iNat.

Posted on אוגוסט 22, 2016 08:11 אחה"צ by mchlfx mchlfx


There are so many features and functions of iNat -- guide creation, observations by frequency, searching by years, etc... It's becoming more and more powerful with every observation. :)

Now, we just need some more help with the ID's -- with all of the new observations, there are many "?" or "something..." that are just waiting for ID's. New observations are magnificent, but they do demand some examination. :)

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