Sifting through pictures

I've been going through my old Facebook posts to find images to upload onto iNaturalist from old trips. Makes me miss/not miss traveling as much as I was able to before. Anyways, some trips I got a lot of really nice content on and others I got barely anything. It's funny, I used to do exactly what my son does now - document every step, basically. I have enough footage from my trip to Santa Catalina to basically map the whole island. I wish some were better quality but I wasn't really thinking any of the content would be used or seen later down the line. I think I always intended to share with my kids and myself but that's about it. Really kicking myself for not doing as well. I should be kicking myself still because I still often will just take videos on one of my old cameras instead of using my phone. I'm a watcher but that's not the best way to get stuff for iNaturalist. But whatever, it's working still. Just not the absolute best it could be. Anyways, after Facebook I'm moving to other old posts on other soche meeds (cool hip slang for social media because I am youthful and edgy). Not even close to being done which makes me happy but also tired. Mostly tired. But I'm youthful still. Definitely not old.

Posted on דצמבר 07, 2021 05:38 לפנה"צ by dallonw dallonw


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