Banding the Hawks

Thirty-seven observations is not a lot but it was a wild week. As you will come to know in a minute, it was ridiculously hard for me to chose an observation for the week. There were so many good spots! I photographed a juvenile California Red-shouldered Hawk near Pendleton. On the same day, I ran into Jamie Simmons and he has submitted a couple of Red-tails while he was on this side of the state. Mason Maron got to photograph several Accipiters while they were being banded. Mason also photographed the second Broad-winged Hawk of the project. Another user submitted an amazing closeup of a Great Horned Owl. But the winner out of all these sightings... is Ken Chamberlain.

@kenchamberlain gets the Observation of the Week because his photo of a banded Sharp-shinned Hawk is simply amazing. You can see all the minute details in the face, the dark nape that confirms the id. It's just a work of art. And I hope soon, I can attend a banding season at Mount Hood or maybe Chelan.

I'll post again in a couple of days but there's not much left to say that I haven't already said in previous post. Last week to see Broad-winged Hawks people, and October is a great time to look for owls, especially Boreal. Good luck to all of you!

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