Upcoming events in DFW! :) I'll update with more as I hear about them!

Mark those calendars! Here are a few events going on in DFW:

August 13 -- black-lighting event at Ten Mile Creek Preserve in Lancaster

September 4 -- black-lighting event at Bob Jones Nature Center in Southlake
September 5 - 11 -- DFW-wide socially distant bioblitz! Competition just like last years.

October 1 - 3 -- east TX gathering at Gus Engeling, Richland Creek, and Neches River
October 21 -- black-lighting at LLELA

If you know of others that need to be added to the list, let me know! :)

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Is LLELA Blacklighting part of the NTMN Conference?

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@judya -- it's one of the 'pre-conference field trips.' So, it's a semi-official part of the conference, but it's also open to whomever, I believe. :)

Also, I think there will be a 'welcome session' at the hotel at the same time though -- so I predict some MN folks may head over for that instead.

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Do we need to sign up? I missed this in the sessions yesterday.

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Nah -- just come! :)

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See you there!

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I can't come to the east Texas event Friday because I have to work, but I can come the other two days. I might be able to get off early on Friday if I put in extra hours earlier in the week. Do you know which days you'll be at which parks? Neches NWR is about an hour from my house, so I won't need a hotel for that day, but the others are twice as far and I'd need a hotel for those days.

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Still working on some details for the east TX gathering -- hopefully I'll toss out a journal post early next week!!! :) I'll toss you a tag, @cosmiccat . :)

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Yay! from me, too!

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I'm not a Master Naturalist, but maybe I can help the NTMN chapter during the bioblitz this year, too. ;-)

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@haleydaniels is doing LOTS of cool stuff in LLELA -- several bioblitzes coming up there!

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Yes! Bioblitzes and mothing scheduled and more to come after those! https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/llela-mcwhorter-creek-north-mcno

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Should be great conditions for mothing this Saturday at Bob Jones Nature Center. It'll be the very first time mothing has been done there, so who knows what we'll find?!?
Time will be from 8 to 10ish...or later. :)

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10ish?! That's when the good ones start coming in! 🤪

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I have a question about the bioblitz, is this an event within inaturalist or are there actual events to go to to participate.

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@sambiology Should we bring setups, or do they have their own?

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Also, who has electricity? I want to try out my tiny metal halide!

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@wrc_crew -- there are a few gatherings of folks for bioblitzes this week: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/bptmn-blackland-prairie-texas-master-naturalists/journal/55727
But mostly, any and all observations made in DFW count towards the 'week long bioblitz.'

@k8thegr8 I think that the only place that will have electricity of all of them is LLELA by the greenhouse on Oct 21... The one on Sept 9 or 18th will be out in the field, so no electricity: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/llela-mcwhorter-creek-north-mcno/journal/55510

So for those mothing events, def. bring the portables! :)

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