Moth week stuff!

Moth-ers! Some 'mothing' events (I guess I really should call these "black-lighting" because we tend to be just as interested in all of the other bugs that come to the lights...) coming up in July:

July 17 - Spring Creek Forest Preserve in Garland
July 18 - Lochwood Park in Dallas
July 21 - Stephenville - journal post with more info here.
July 22 - John Bunker Sands in Seagoville
July 24 - Acton Nature Center east of Granbury

Should be fun! :)

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@gwaithir just got a fancy phone lens and is now into mothing! And @j_ashman @eivester @devinpedraza @dbaxter

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Cool! Thanks, Sam!

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This will be fun!

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Can't imagine missing any of these. So here's my RSVP.

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I can make the first two dates but the last couple I will be in Florida and Georgia. We finally got the plans made. Trinity River Audubon will be cool. I have not been out there as of yet. I know I am a bit odd when it comes to traveling locally. Still that will be great and Spring Creek in Garland I have not been to either. I will jot it down on my calendar. Thanks for the heads-up good buddy.

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Looks fun, I'll try to make a mothing event!

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I'll try to make them all but might not make the first one. =) Which site have outlets for me to use? I know Acton does, but don't know the rest.

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You know I'd love to be there! As always my limiting factor is transportation, so I'll keep you posted as the dates get nearer. I believe a mothing night is being set up at the nature center here around the 23rd, so if that happens I'll likely miss the later dates in Dallas for here.

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Sounds like fun!! Let me see which events I can fit in!

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Thanks Sam! I want to check out the ones on July 16th Friday at Trinity River Audubon Center first, however never done mothing, I am sure this is after dawn? what should I bring? Thanks again for including me!

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Super excited about Moth Night at the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center! It is a Member's Only event, so we're hoping that some local moth-ers become members and join the fun!!

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@carol308 So the regular group of mothers in the DFW area are not welcome to John Bunker Sands unless being members?

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Hey all,
Just updating a little bit -- on July 16th, it's not a public event (it's just for a really small summer camp group at TRAC), so alas, I'm taking that one off the schedule! Apologies!!!
@brentano @galactic_bug_man @masako75218

We'll work together in the future to get a public program at TRAC -- promise! Just not this time. :)

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Oh!!! I forgot to mention -- that whole week there aren't many other public events on weekdays -- so if you want to host something somewhere, or if you want to do some backyard mothing and don't mind others joining, post it. :)

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Another update -- for the John Bunker Sands, you do not HAVE to be a member, but I'm planning on signing up for membership that evening. :)

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Thanks @sambiology ! no worries I might try Spring Creek Forest Preserve. What time will you be there?

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I'll try to be at each of these locations by 7 pm or so. Sunset isn't until like 8:45 this week, so it may be just a lot of waiting around. :)

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Thank you @sambiology !!!

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If anyone's interested in a weekday/night iNat/mothing event north of Stephenville, let me know:

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Are these public events?

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Yay! I am ecstatic

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@marykaren -- so, the one in Garland is super public, the one at John Bunker Sands is a member event (although, we have the exemption as moth-ers!), and the one in Acton is semi-open to public (us moth-ers and some master naturalists). To sum up, yes, please come to any of these! :)

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Thanks Sam! Going to try and make this Saturday's Spring Creek event. @elytrid message me to see about a ride, although if my whole gang is with me then I won't have open seats in my car:)

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My family has decided that this weekend would be good for a family reunion. cry I'll be at the events on the last weekend.

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There will be a mothing event in Lochwood Park in east Dallas on Sunday, July 18th. The park is off of Lochwood between Fernald and Lippitt, and we will set up the sheets next to the playground. I will be there from about 7:30pm. This is a nice little neighborhood park, so I hope some of the people living close will come out and discover the "night life" around us.

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I'm going to the July 17 event in Garland!
Who else wants to join me?
@rdparker @annainok

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Weather's looking good for our events this upcoming weekend and week!!! Fingers crossed. :)
Also, just in case anyone needs it, here is my # 214 215 5605

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Can you provide direction or coordinates for Spring creek preserve? Never been there and finding several locations on search. Thanks.

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The Spring Creek Preserve spot is off of Holford Road
1770 Holford Rd, Garland, TX 75044
32.96573771601642, -96.65377075474105
Here is the google map location.

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