iNat meetup near DC on August 22!

I'd love to meet more of you in real life! Let's get together.

Saturday, August 22, 9 am through lunch
Audubon Naturalists Society Woodend Sanctuary
8940 Jones Mill Road
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Matt Muir (aka muir) was the first person who I "met" on iNaturalist in 2012 and now we both live in Washington, DC but we've never met! Now we will. We also both have toddlers who take afternoon naps, so we've organized this to be well before lunch and nap time. Other kids are definitely welcome!

There's picnic space if you want to bring your lunch. The preserve is small, but you can walk from there down to Rock Creek if you want to go further.

Please post in the comments if you plan to attend and you can also message me directly.

Hope to meet more of you soon!

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booking flight

I wish!!!!

Can't wait to see some of the cool iNat observations ya'll snag. Be sure to bring a camera to get some close ups of the bugs and birds and whatnot. :)

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I will try my best to come out to DC! It will be nice to see you Carrie along with other like minded folks!
Thanks, Arunima

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Looking forward to it!

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This is a fantastic idea! I'd love to meet other iNatters in the area. Alas, the timing won't work for me, but I know you'll have a great time at Woodend, one of my very favorite places when I lived over there.

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naturelady are you in the area too? I went to Woodend a couple of weeks ago to check it out. I'm looking forward to next Saturday!

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