Cool article about squeaking caterpillar -- and photo from iNat! :)

Every now and then, I 'google' my name -- you should too! It's interesting to see what the internet knows about you... Anyways, I came across this article solely because they used a shot of mine from iNat!

If only I would have known that they squeak, I would have had a lot more fun showing this caterpillar to kiddos. :)

P.s. I LOVE that they used a photo of mine -- I'm quite honored. I want any of my photo/observations to be used by anyone at any time. Credit or not, I want this info to be used and shared. I was lucky that they credited the site and name, just so that I could find it. :)

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Pretty cool that one of your photos is now out in the world so to speak.

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Fame and fortune will follow, right? ;)

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Hahaha. Undoubtedly. Prepare to be swarmed by paparazzi instead of insects.

פורסם על-ידי wildflowerenthusi... לפני בערך 6 שנים (סמן)

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