Bioblitz thoughts from Bernie

From our intrepid observer, Bernie Paquette:

The Final Hour - Bio Blitz Journal
The final hour is approaching, though this is only the third day of the two week Jericho Bio Blitz. Today the trail has been hard and dusty after six hours of walking. The steps and observations - more than I can count. Surely I will dream of many of the plants and creatures - life forms that I viewed today. I am especially thankful for those who patiently posed while I fiddled with the camera dials attempting to compensate for the very low level of light.

White, purple, and yellow compete with the sunset for brilliant fall colors in the meadows: Asters some purple, some virgin white petals with greenish-yellow hearts, and tall hardy Joe Pie Weed the Hercules of fall flowers. Yet the hour is late, some asters are leaning over the trail. Some are missing a few flower petals, a few look tired from feeding the many pollinators. They seem to know, if the weather forecast is correct, the end is near.

A dead, leafless maple tree reminds me of what much of the forest will soon look like. All but the evergreens, who hold onto their fur coats in forbearance. The deciduous trees long ago decided to not make a contest of it, retreating to their roots. Honeybees seem to know the goldenrod and other fall flowers will soon be an empty pantry. I wonder if they know they will be ‘sharing’ their winter reserves with us.

Bumblebees worked every day of their lives. They are as eager to go on near the last day as they were on their first day of their short life. I wonder if they consider taking the last day off. It is sad for me to watch them work so hard knowing these are their final days.

Tomorrow or the day after, or at least shortly after that, when the frost turns the pages of the calendar, I will mourn. I will miss them - all. I will walk among the once purple, white, yellow, plants turning brown. I will miss the orange of the Tri-colored bumblebee. I will miss the excitement of seeing a new species, as well as those I have seen often this summer.

The trails are softer now, the light even dimmer, the air is still, and calm.

The species count is no longer important. Only saying farewell to the last bumblebees and flowers cementing in my mind that the purple, yellow, and white in the meadows will soon be displaced (for our attention) by a parade of foliage colors.

I know I will need to go home before dark sets in. Tomorrow will allow me another day of observations, only they will not quite be the same as today.

Perhaps the same calm in the air that I feel carries over to the bumblebees, asters, goldenrod, and the hearty Joe- Pye weed. Perhaps they feel at ease as the final hour approaches.

פורסם על-ידי sabinae sabinae, ספטמבר 16, 2020 03:33 אחה"צ


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