Winged Deer Park, Johnson City, TN - July 8, 2020

I had a productive and extremely hot and humid outing this afternoon. It was kind of a last minute decision to go for a walk and I decided to stay close to home and go to Winged Deer Park. With the temperature near 90 degrees, I figured it would be a decent day to find some butterflies and I wasn't disappointed. In total, I saw 41 individual butterflies and 14 species in about an hour. The number of individuals is likely less than what was actually present. I only counted the individuals I saw and did not estimate any numbers in any way. I focused on observing during this trip rather than trying to photograph everything I saw, which actually made the walk more pleasant. Photographing butterflies is often very frustrating for me and I prefer just observing them through binoculars. I see and learn more doing this than I do from taking a bunch of photos of each butterfly.

Butterfly species observed:
Cabbage White – 5
Orange Sulphur – 5
Clouded Sulphur – 2
Eastern Tailed-Blue – 2
Pearl Crescent – 8
Question Mark
American Snout – 2
Common Buckeye
Wild Indigo Duskywing – 2
Silver-spotted Skipper – 4
Sachem – 6
Least Skipper
Peck’s Skipper

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