Narrowing down ID's -- Spring-time boost of observations!

So, spring is pretty much here in Dallas/Fort Worth, and the number of observations is growing along with the plants! Despite the quarantine and 'shelter in place' orders, folks are still going outside to get observations. This is a great thing -- getting outside and enjoying nature is crucial to our health, I think. I still try to do it every day!

In the past few months, I've been trying to identify observations from the "Cross Timbers and Blackland Prairies Ecoregion in Texas":

But now, I'm going to start to just focus on the DFW metroplex with ID's:

I wish I had some time and energy to focus on specific taxa, but instead I've decided to focus on an area and all taxa. Nonetheless, please tag me if you'd like for me to look at an observation outside of DFW! :)

Here's the ID page for DFW observations:

Also, since lots of folks have been mothing lately, here are the top 500 species documented in DFW:,47654

Keep on observing! :)

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Keep on truckin', metroplex!

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Thanks, Sam! My son and I are trying to get out every day- as long as LLELA is open, we go there, but if/when they close, then we have lots of sidewalk we can cover. I have a new camera so I'm extra-motivated to get out when I can.

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I'd love your help on any/all of my ID's. I'm still learning flora and fauna down here!

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