2019 was my 'big year' -- a great year!

I was very lucky in 2019… I got the chance to observe and appreciate a lot of nature on several trips. Florida, North Carolina, Costa Rica, Oregon, and several spots in Texas – so amazing to see lots of different kinds of nature all around.

Of course, I bring the tool of iNaturalist with me wherever I go – it amplifies my enjoyment of nature immensely! If you’re curious, here are my stats for this year:


It’s truly not about numbers – it’s about the enjoyment of nature. It’s been extremely fun to learn the names of so many different species. We share this planet with some incredible biodiversity. Let’s appreciate it!

One of the other amazing things about using iNaturalist is the community of naturalists that I get to interact with. I haven’t yet gotten the chance to meet all of them in person, but it gives me a lot of hope when I see what others are seeing – we are part of a huge and growing community of naturalists. It’s a big deal – and it makes me happy. :)

Not to push too hard, but I’m also a proud financial supporter of iNat. I don’t have a lot of money or ‘disposable income,’ but I’m happy to throw a few bucks at iNat each month. It’s a tool that provides me so much joy and excitement… and LOTS of knowledge. I feel like a better all-around naturalist because of my involvement with iNat. If you do too, check out the donation page:

So happy to be on this journal with all of you, and I hope to meet more naturalists and more species next year! :)

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An awesome year, Sam. Congratulations, my friend.

פורסם על-ידי charley לפני יותר משנה (סמן)

Great year, Sam! Looking forward to meeting you out here exploring Texas

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Almost 4,000 species! Wow!! Congratulations on a great year... that's amazing!

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Outstanding, Sam! I started donating too. Hope others will.

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Great post, Sam! You really did experience an awesome year with some great trip destinations.

פורסם על-ידי connlindajo לפני יותר משנה (סמן)

Congrats, Sam! That's great, and thanks for all you do to help with identifications and your generosity in sharing knowledge with others.

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So much diversity, you are my Natural Super Hero! Thank you for all the inspiration this year. Hopefully will get to meet you someday in our own “neighborhood”.

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