First live observation of Swamp Rabbit Confirmed!

The Nature tracking project finally got something more than trace evidence of Sylvilagus aquaticus, or Swamp Rabbit. The species of greatest conservation need ,(Williamson, Co) that we set our sights on.

This past week was productive by placing a video camera on a previously confirmed trace evidence Latrine Log. During the week two live observations occurred of the log being used and one observation was backed up by another camera.
11/10/19 thru 11/16/19
These cameras will be left in place one more week before being re-tasked.

In addition to this, very fresh scat samples were collected for future DNA analysis.

The bigger challenge will be to determine beyond genus all the observations of cottontail rabbits we continue to see. The black and white images make it difficult to say one way or another.

There is a game camera that will produce color images at night, however it uses white flash technology which the animals can see and be spooked by. I'm not opposed to briefly deploying this to learn the identity. Undoubtedly the animals have experienced lightning and would probably associate a few flashes with that.

My feelings are that if we decide to use a visible night time flash then I am inclined to finish up a project I have been building for a while and that is a DSLR camera trap that I only need to complete the trigger mechanism. I have been building this for the past year in an attempt at a quality photo of a Ringtail.

Hopefully there will be more good news soon!

Posted on נובמבר 17, 2019 09:40 אחה"צ by mikef451 mikef451


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