Germany - iNaturalist World Tour

We return to Europe to visit Germany, the 12th stop on the iNaturalist World Tour. Here, the top 50 observers are clustered near cities around central Germany: @amzamz near Saarbrucken, @martingrimm near Leipzig, @reddad @anro near Heidelberg, others near Hannover, Bonn, and Berlin etc.

iNaturalist has been growing rapidly in Germany. There's strong seasonality to the observations per month graph. The spike in August last year is an artifact of @ahospers importing his observations from

@jakob is a prolific identifier in Germany - as well as across much of Europe and the African continent. @rolftheobo is leading identifications of plants, the group with most observations in Germany.

Even though iNaturalist is growing rapidly in Germany, it is still very small compared to similar sites like which are much more widely known and used. Please share your ideas below or on this forum thread on what we can do to make iNaturalist better in Germany!

@amzamz @martingrimm @reddad @anro @jakob @ldacosta @rolftheobo @wouterteunissen @alexis_orion @speedy

We’ll be back tomorrow with Taiwan!

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Honorable mention to @borisb from Berlin for the incredible amount (over 150,000) of Coleoptera Ids around the world. A lot of them very difficult.

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True - @borisb’s impact may be global, but he is based in Berlin

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the Berlin city nature challenge has been hosted on Naturblick the last few years, so quite a few people would find that. it would be nice if someone could contact the organizers here or in other German cities to see if they could host it on iNat next year.
I'm also curious, how do you make those maps with the user icons? I would be interested to look at one for just Berlin, or other more specific areas.

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@loarie interesting - I did not get a notification for the mention, even though I have "notify me of mentions" turned on...

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@alexis_orion - It looks like its the Museum für Naturkunde Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science that organized CNC Berlin 2019 - it would be very cool if you wanted to get involved with them for CNC 2020 and better yet lobby for them to use iNat! The maps are just the median of observations scaled by number of observations. We'll look into the mention thing - it might just be a delay (any one else noticed this?)

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@loarie - just curious if there is anything else going on with the placement of the user avatars on the map beyond attempting to determine the centroid of your observations ? Just curious as if I refresh the Canada page, my user avatar moves around to different places in Ontario, when obviously that centroid is consistent.

I assume there is some kind of automated attempt to deal with overlap that causes it to move around ?

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Exactly just randomly jitters them to minimize overlap - could probably be handled better...

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I did not see any notifications but i am not online that much and i could have missed them all (We'll look into the mention thing - it might just be a delay (any one else noticed this?))

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@loarie I just got a notification for the mention now :-?

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@alexis_orion - yes, we looked into your report and as a result found and just fixed a bug where if a journal post with mentions is edited it doesn't send out notifications based on the edits. Thanks for helping find that bug! I re-saved the previous World Tour posts to regenerate any notifications that weren't sent because of that bug...

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Germany is now in the top 10 countries since adding the August 2019 data - nice work everyone!

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Cool! I love the maps in the iNat world tour posts, and I was wondering if it would be possible to add functionality to make these maps for any place or project?

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funny - I wonder why my icon is below Berlin, when most of my observations are in western Berlin and farther north/west :D

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