The Wonders of Wildflowers

I came across this essay which is well worth taking the time to read: Anyone who knows me knows how much I love plants and how much I love to find and view under the microscope the seeds of those plants. The author of this essay is not a botanist, amateur or educated, like many of us on iNat. But with his words he paints pictures of the importance of the wildflowers of Texas. The rains of the spring have blessed us with an abundance of wildflowers--statewide. It is one of the things for which our great state is known. Without their beauty, I think that Texas would be a desolate place. Anyway, I hope that you'll take the time to read these words from the author of the children's book series, Hank the Cowdog.

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Thanks for sharing! I love to hear from others that learn by the own observations instead of just asking for answers. This quote (talking about the millions of wildflowers on their property) resonated with me, "The sheer magnitude of it shorts out my aesthetic circuits and overwhelms my ability to absorb it."

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@kimberlietx, isn't that a beautiful way of saying how we all have felt?! He included several quotes that I really like. I appreciated him as an author of children's books when I was teaching 2nd graders, but I especially appreciate his writing in this essay.

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Wildflowers are pretty amazing. I think we should all take the time to appreciate them, no matter where we are from. Texas must have a lot of wildflowers. Thank you for the link to the article.

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