Mark your calendars for April 27 - 30! We need your observations!

Calling all naturalists in and around the Lower Rio Grande Valley! We need YOU! This year's City Nature Challenge is on April 27 - 30, so you can go anywhere within the range (as seen in the above map on the project page) and make observations that will count this year. This is a competition among 65 cities in 15 different countries around the world. Can Texas compete? We think so! But we need your help. Any and all observations count, but the most valuable observations are made on public property (parks, right-of-ways, preserves, etc...) and are of wild (non-cultivated/not captive) organisms. Other observations count, of course, but the wild organisms found on public property can influence management and policy. Wherever you are, observe some things on April 27 - 30! Observations have to be uploaded before May 4 to count as well.

There is a global website here: Hopefully we'll have a TX website as well -- stay tuned!

Tagging some of the big users around LRGV -- please tag others that you think would also want to participate. It's also quite fun to get together with others and deeply explore an area -- connect with some of the other naturalists in the area! :)

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Sounds like a great time! Thanks, Sam!

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Great! Definitely working on trying to get more of the public involved in this!

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Excellent! It's on my calendar.

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Also contact your local nature center of park about coordinating nature walks and outings during this time. Nature center staff will be attending a training next week on how to use iNaturalist. The more walks, hikes, and outings we have, the better chance we have of documenting interesting species.

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Mark your calendar for next year's City Nature Challenge!!!!
April 26-29, 2019!

Stay tuned for more details, but make sure you mark those dates on your calendar! :)

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