Tristan Jobin

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B.Sc. in Animal Physiology. M.Sc. in Plant Pathology

It's mostly about birds and moths but everything I can take a photo of will end up here on inaturalist. I also love documenting the many species of insects in my backyard, especially Bees and Flower Flies although I am not skilled at identifying them accurately yet.

I will from time to time provide ID on Neotropical birds, especially in the Ecuadorian Andes. I also try to do some housekeeping on the Galapagos Finches but please be aware that not all individuals can be readily identified.

Please feel free to tag me in any interesting bird observation in Northeast NA.

I will make mistakes from time to time in my own observations and identifications for other, please do not shy away from pointing it to me!

My handle is a reference to Trainspotting. Choose Life.

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