Doc_ Lingo

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I am retired from the United States Coast Guard, am an avid mycologist that has been fascinated with fungi since childhood.
Currently, I am building a digital herbarium and a physical herbarium, collecting the macro- fungi of Baldwin and Escambia counties in Alabama, Escambia and Santa Rosa counties in Florida.

I have an interest in the following Genus: Panaeolus; Psilocybe, Amanita and Ganoderma, but love all things fungi.
Getting outside to observe the organisms around me has been the best therapy a person can ask for. has helped me to become more engaged by providing an excellent platform for learning to identify the fauna and flora that I encounter almost daily, not to mention the community of worldwide users that range from children to professional researchers. I've been able to learn much faster from sites like, and than any guide book. Thank you, to all whom make up these communities.

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