Terry Woodward

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I studied Horticulture and Botany at the Royal Horticulural Society’s College at Wisley. I then joined the military and was fortunate enough to be posted to awesome birding locations i.e. Cyprus, Kenya, Germany and several sandy places. I worked as a Game Warden in England for 8 years before I moved to Texas in 1998. Soon after I became a Texas Master Naturalist to learn more about the wildlife on my ranch. I still enjoy botany and bioblitzing areas that I like. I am amazed on a daily basis how biodiverse this great state is, and am truly grateful for any spare time that I can be outside to enjoy it. I am currently attempting to learn more about George Bush Park as I think it is peaceful oasis on the edge of a vast city. Photography has become an expensive and time consuming passion, and I often wonder how we made meaningful natural history observation before digital cameras and this internet thing. And yes, I have many notebooks going back to the early seventies.

If interested, you can find examples of my attempt to learn photography here:


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