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Consultant Horticulture x Environmental Management.

I grew up on the verges of biodiverse Ku-ring-gai Chase and Garigal National Parks in Northern Sydney seeking any opportunities to explore the bushland.

My naturalist parents gifted epic Australian road trips on flora, birds and geology including the rainforests of the east coast. Since then I have hiked throughout all states and territories, maintaining this tradition for my children, as well as Lord Howe, Hinchinbrook and Magnetic Islands.

My formative work experiences were in plant research at C.S.I.R.O. and at Macquarie University on Macquarie Island plant taxonomy with studies in Horticulture and Environmental Management while working in these fields.

The iNat community is a valued source of further learning. I hope to upload pics when time with thousands to sort through.

I enjoy identifying plants. It's a jungle out there and there are many undescribed species to navigate.

Please speak up if you disagree with an ID, it is appreciated and reviewed, noting I can miss seeing messages when remote.

Request: Ornamental cultivated/planted plant observations should be marked as an option and the observation will appear as casual (non-wild) or they can be marked or queried by iNat community and identifiers. It's for an accurate database and science.

Member of Australian Plants Society N.S.W.

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