Bruno Bell

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I am an undergraduate from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia . Much of my spare time is spent in the field surveying for land snails and weevils (mostly at the moment), cryptic / rare plants, land planarians, harvestman and generally just leaf litter dwelling fauna!
I also love macro photography.
Along with my identical twin, Otto (@elusiveweevils) we have amassed a large collection of pinned and preserved specimens of predominantly terrestrial snails and weevils. This includes about 15 species new to science.
We also have quite a large collection of general natural history objects from our childhood.
I work a lot with Dr Kevin Bonham, collecting land snails, and to whom I owe most of my knowledge of terrestrial snails too!

I have always been interested in nature, and for a lot of my life that has been in the form of conservation of threatened species, beetles and terrestrial snails (especially within the family Charopidae) and native orchids.

I am working towards becoming a threatened species conservationist (especially for understudied / under-represented groups) /invertebrate zoologist / taxonomist / ecologist. I also love the idea of conservation photography, to raise awareness for threatened species (especially for cryptic invertebrate groups) which I think are extremely under-represented in threatened species listings.

I am a board member of the Threatened Plants Tasmania (TPT) and the Tasmanian Field Naturalist Club (TFNC). I also volunteer for the Tasmanian Museum and Art Galleries invertebrate collections, and at Biosecurity Tasmania, mainly doing beetle specimen photography for an online catalogue.

If your interested, below is a paper I co-authored with Dr Kevin Bonham on the endangered Ammoniropa vigens land snail.
Recent research on the ammonite snail pinwheel snail Ammoniropa vigens (Legrand, 1871):

Feel free to contact me through: if you have any queries. If you find any interesting, feel free to tag me :)

Camera set up:
Laowa 25mm 2.5-5x lens
Laowa 100mm 2x lens
Sony 90 mm (don’t currently use)
Sony A7iii body
Laowa KX 800 twin flash
CygnusTech diffuser + hand made diffusers
Raynox-250 (I don’t use it anymore because I keep on loosing it)

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