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Hi, my name is Stephan and since the kindergarten I'm interested in animals. During my childhood I spent a lot of time in the garden and nature, searching for animals and later in school I chose biology, chemistry and german as main subjects. After school I studied at the TU Darmstadt and finished my Bachelor of Science in Biology 2018 with a main focus on ecology. Afterwards I absolved a voluntary year at a forestry station. Since 2019 I'm studying Master of Ecology and Evolution at the Goethe-University Frankfurt with a focus on zoology and ecology. I'm currently working at my master thesis: "Influence of large- and small-scaled structural forest attributes on ground-dwelling arthropod communities in the Bohemian Forest" and will finish it 2024. I also write articles about animals in the german wikipedia. (Username:Walnussbäumchen)
My main field is entomology, I'm interested in all arthropods. But I'm also interested in herpetology.

As a curator, I'll focus on Dermaptera. I'm very interested in Dermaptera since end of 2022 and studying a lot about them since with the help of experts like Danilo Matzke, Petr Kočárek, Paolo Fontana and others.

For questions regarding Dermaptera, you can always tag or message me - other people you can ask about Dermaptera are @permico (knows a lot, more than I), @konstakal (curator), @szucsich (curator), @danilo-matzke (expert), @brandonwoo (for North America), @bbinsecte (for Europe), @agapakisgeorgios (Europe), @taewoo (northern East Asia) or @graytreefrog (curator, but sadly holds a lot of vetos and refuses to communicate). Also mentionable are @fuerchtegott (central and northern Europe), @dbogic (Europe), @savvaszafeiriou (southern Europe, especially Greece), @lrubio7 (South America), @pan-myrmekos (Russia and Greece), @fdusoulier (southern Europe), @estrada-alvarez_jc (America, expert for Mexico), @carabid_47 (just for Forficula dentata), @mathieu_pelissie, @christophe_g (worldwide, specialist, but less active), @lava_chen (Taiwan) and @simbason (China).

If you could need arthropod specimens of central Europe, please message me, maybe I can collect some for you and send them via post.

Hi, ich heiße Stephan und interessiere mich seit dem Kindergartenalter für Tiere. Ich habe vor allem in meiner Kindheit sehr viel Zeit in der Natur und im Garten verbracht und Tiere gesucht. Nach dem Abitur habe ich ein Biologiestudium an der TU Darmstadt angefangen, da mich Biologie, Natur und Tiere nach wie vor sehr begeistert hatten. Nach dem Bachelor folgte ein FÖJ in einem Walderlebniszentrum und seit 2019 studiere ich im Master Ökologie und Evolution an der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt. Meine Masterarbeit beschäftigt sich mit Totholzanreicherung im Wald und Bodenfallenproben aus dem Bayerischen Wald. Ich bin auch als Autor in der deutschsprachigen Wikipedia (Username:Walnussbäumchen) und ihren Biologie-Portalen aktiv, wo ich hauptsächlich Artikel über Arthropoden und Herpetofauna verfasse und daneben auch auf wikidata und wikimedia commons.

Feel free to use my pictures or message me if you have any questions!


Exploring the nature of the world with my girlfriend @tomatolovesfrogs

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