Ryne Rutherford

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I'm a passionate naturalist, ecologist, and all-around biodiversity nut! I conduct multi-taxa inventories and ecological monitoring. http://biophilianature.com. I am particularly interested in taxa that are the best ecological indicators (e.g., lichens, amphibians, insects, etc.), and I want to change how we manage our ecosystems by including often neglected groups in conservation decision-making.
I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Michigan Technological University, where I am researching a rare habitat called Granite Bedrock Glades, which contains many southern, western, and northern disjunct species and may act as a "Noah's Arc" with future climate warming.
I wish ecologists would work together more to ensure the organisms we care about can persist far into the future. It won't happen if we are islands competing against each other! Feel free to reach out if you want to collaborate. And check out this project. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?project_id=118140

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