Rea Manderino

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Ecologist and Collections Specialist at the Oak Spring Garden Foundation outside of Upperville, in northern Fauquier County, Virginia. I survey and document the biodiversity of the Foundation, along with bioblitzes in NoVA and my own backyard in Fredericksburg.

My doctorate research at SUNY - College of Environmental Science and Forestry focused on the impact of a historic biological control effort to control the invasive forest pest, the spongy moth (Lymantria dispar), on native giant silk moths (Saturniidae). I sampled for parasitoids in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts, and compared parasitoid impact with ecological factors, such as forest tree and insect communities, proximity to forest edges, and seasonal temperature.

My masters research at the University of Virginia examined the long-term non-target impacts of spongy moth defoliation and insecticide management on native lepidopteran communities in Shenandoah National Park.

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