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iNaturalist is a very aesthetic photoalbum with useful maps but... it is just too ephemeral : any observation and any ID or comment can be fully deleted any time.

Not just when the submitter wants to leave the “community” (and exerts the so-called "right to be forgotten"), but throughout all standard activity while still using an account on the site.

Note that delete is very different from withdraw, as only the latter keeps a record of the event, making any multi-ID sequence intelligible.

Therefore I have stopped providing IDs and observations, until the issue of traceability is addressed (only exception : if asked for an ID directly by the observer).

I will try to provide limited comments, as their ephemeral existence on this platform is easier to suspect than for the flashy ID labels and for whole observations with all the associated data (IDs, comments, annotations, etc.).

All this can just disappear any time, and by small pieces it regularly does.

For any urgent request, please message me.

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